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Love Radiance Intention
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Love Radiance Intention Experience 21
Wednesday, July 8, 2009



"Unity consciousness is a state of enlightenment where we pierce the mask of illusion which creates separation and fragmentation. Behind the appearance of separation is one unified field of wholeness. Here the seer and the scenery are one."-- Deepak Chopra


"There is in all visible things - a hidden wholeness." -- Thomas Merton


"To me there is no difference between one person and another; I behold all as soul-reflections of the one God. I can't think of anyone as a stranger, for I know that we are all part of the One Spirit." -- Paramahansa Yogananda

* * *

Love Radiance Intention Experience


Dear Love Radiance Intention Member,

Our Collaborative Group Intention Monthly Theme for July is:

Optimizing One-Self to Create and Enjoy


It is important that we grab each moment as it arrives and enjoy it. Consider the bad/rough situations of life as an opportunity to grow and change them to good/smooth moments through the power of our Real-Selves that we intrinsically are. Just being with the Real-Self and with the Universal-Self (that is all pervasive and omni-present) we have the maximum potential to walk right in the middle of Infinity. Defining clearly various aspects that we want to maintain as they are working smoothly for us. Similarly we can also define new areas, new aspects or new things that we want to have in order to enhance our lives. Also define the areas that stand in the way of our overall well-being. Thus we can establish a portrait for us that we truly wish to follow and manifest in the living of our lives. Feel great about it. If you don't, revise it in a way that speaks about you as you aspire to manifest, and as you enjoy it. Being always reminded of the fact that the future is something that we create NOW. It is not just the time that is to come or that its going to happen.

Creative Synopsis

There are many aspects of living our lives that we are free to aspire and have them fulfilled in our lives. It could be material wealth that if used wisely can make the journey more enjoyable and comfortable. However there are many other aspects that we may wish to have; such as good health, fulfilling relationships, creative freedom, emotional stability, a sense of well-being and peace of mind. Everything that we behold comes from the unknown, and stillness alone is the potentiality for creativity. Note carefully Leo Tolstoy's experiential wisdom regarding great relationships, What counts in making a fulfilling relationship is not so much how compatible we are, but how we deal with incompatibility."

The Manifestation Process

The indwelling spirit (i.e. Real-Self) has the full power to manifest itself in many ways. It revolves around:

- Responding to all situations, both smooth and rough.

- Having pure wish intentions (maybe more than one) duly supported by dedicated self-efforts and Present Moment Presence.

- Developing the Subtlety of mind and going beyond some fixed dogmatic notions/beliefs/conditions.

- Establishing oneself in Truth by working with the whole (as we are all integral parts and parcels of the whole).

- Embracing the spontaneous flow of Self-knowledge that flows effortlessly in one's own meditative silence.

- Letting Go of attachment to the outcomes of actions performed in the manifestation process.

Creative Strategy

The strategy that works simply means the best approach used to achieve the established results. In the living of our life we have an ongoing mission to manifest our true aspirations and to respond to situations at all times. Without a proper strategy, we will not get maximum mileage from our efforts. Here is a synopsis of the strategy that works all the time and its reflections are five folds:

- Manifesting the establish goals from the connection. It starts with defining intellectually all our goals and further refining them or screening them with the Higher Self, in silence.

- Getting directions from the Higher Self about the action plan.

- Using the BSMI (i.e. body, senses, mind and intellect) as shown/directed by the Higher Self.

- Letting go of expectations and results after doing the level best.

- Making frequent observations and adjusting plans as prompted from within.

Practice Points

- Cultivating regular Silent times at least a couple of times daily.

- Listen to the silent voice within and conduct one-self accordingly.

- Cultivating the above mentioned creative strategy.

- Consistently dwelling in the Infinite and rejecting firmly self-limitation.

- Inwardly giving up all notions of 'I am the doer' yet engaging one-self in all activities outwardly. Thus being completely free from the least trace of ego-sense.


We are not just individuals left by ourselves, but we are an integral part of the universe. We are connected to the infinite universal energy and we can access it anytime and from anywhere. When we decide with full awareness to get absorbed in our indwelling spirit, we can practically zero in on anything we truly and deeply aspire. With consistent enthusiasm and self-effort, we shall start gaining strength in our connection with all that is. Then we can consistently energize ourselves and co-create all our aspirations. This is a powerful experience of co-partnership. It has a tremendous scope of performing our roles/duties in alignment with the universal orchestration and enjoying the magic of unconditional love at the sametime. Know confidently that we have the power to change our old beliefs and conditions that haven't worked for us in the past.


1. Observe your breath in and out and relax your body and mind completely.

2. Experience the free flow of the energy within.

3. Repeat OM's vibrations from the base of your spine to the middle of your eyebrows for a few times until you start to feel your inner silence.

4. In the center of your eyebrows, experience your True Self as a golden shining star radiating peace, harmony, and love in all directions.

5. Let your true aspirations flow within whether its for good health, joyful relationships, material wealth, creative freedom, emotional stability, etc. Feel the benefits of these aspirations for the overall well-being.

6. Visualize the golden shining star leaving your physical body and moving upwards and merging with the Supreme red golden light. Experience the connection with the infinite universal energy, which is unlimited where all things are possible.

7. In complete stillness and silence, let your action plan flow naturally to manifest your aspirations. Stay there for a few minutes.

8. Gradually fly back to your physical body and feel I am an integral part of the universe. Let your body, senses, mind, and intellect be the vehicle for the manifestation process.


Hopes and prayers go out to our Groups self-effort and ever-flowing struggle free manner with Optimizing One-Self to Create and Enjoy, as we realize its essence in our own unique ways. We all see the sparks and feel the experience of wisdom with such a profound reality.

In your own silence, see how you are doing in the above-mentioned theme and/or similar aspects of living your lives. If you feel like sharing with us your experiences at Lightpages, we simply welcome and look forward to it.

With Best Wishes and Love Abundance,

* * *

In Loving Gratitude and Constant Energy Flow, Be Well!

Of the Group, As the Group, As One

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