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Integral Activism
The Coming Interspiritual Age

The world's interspiritual pioneers envision the emergence of a new axial age, reconciling destructive tensions that have plagued the human family and awakening a transformed new era of enlightened understanding.

A New Alignment

They propose to unfold and nurture a new spiritual alignment, based on universal elements shared by all the religious, spiritual, wisdom and philosophical traditions in the world.

This new alignment is characterized by four themes:

  • The possibility of identifying a common and unified core inherent in all human spiritual or mystical experience
  • The basic teachings held in common by all the world’s religious and philosophic traditions
  • The shared ethical implications of these teachings
  • A shared commitment to social and economic justice
"All the religious, spiritual, wisdom and philosophical traditions in the world"

In resonance with this vision and working together, we are identifying specific agencies and people working in areas that relate to this broadest of agendas. We are weaving an alliance of shared understanding and mutual influence, reaching out in every related direction, and interconnecting all these important central influences into a single transformative vision of inspired social change.

As this alliance grows, we expect to provide integral support for any individual or agency within its framework, for any purpose emerging within the alliance, thereby building an inspired connection from universal spirit to transformative social action.

You are invited to join with us in this grand adventure. You can start here.

"A New Alignment"

Integral Vision

  • Religion
  • Spirituality
  • Wisdom
  • Philosophy
  • Ethics
  • Science
  • Environment
  • Economy
  • Governance
  • Politics
  • Community
  • Wholeness

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