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The Integral Hypothesis | Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit

The Integral Hypothesis
What is Integral?

A Grand Collective Vision

Much of this web site is an attempt to bring what seems to be "a collective vision" into focus. There is an emerging movement arising all over the world, calling for community, for wholeness, for new ways to think and understand.

This vision is complex and multi-faceted. Many people ard groups who are attracted to this vision, or some facete of it, do tend to concentrate on some particular aspect of it.

A few big simple points brought together

Many moving parts

We are outlining a vision, with many moving parts and facets. We offer an initial statement, a proposition, a hypothesis. We put it on the table, we ask if it is correct, we listen to all voices, we visit the facets, we consider them all -- and as we become more certain and more solid in our understanding and acceptance and agreement, we act togther....

Everything at once

One great challenge of the holistic/integral vision is that it contains so many facets or implications, all packed into a single framework. Is it possible to "do all these things at the same time?" No doubt, for any one individual, the answer has to be "no". It's simply too much to handle, too overloading, too overwhelming. This is a very real limit, that has to guide our approach to holistic activism. We might be able to design a complex multi-faceted process, with a high itnegrity connecting its facets into a single whole -- but this is very ambitious and fraught with possibilities for. Any integral design is a "house of cards" -- in the sense that it is composed of many piees -- and is subject to fracture or collapse.

As an example, consider the Constittuional government of the USA. It's complex, interconnecting several main administrative bodies (Administration, Congressional, Judicial), and incorporating 50 semi-independent states, each with their own independent form of governance.

Many Levels

  • Geographical levels: Global - regional - local
  • Conceptual/intellectual levels: Philosophical - scientific - spiritual - religious - scientific
  • Practical applications: Political
All these facets do somehow seem to be elements or parts of one emerging grand organic design, with primal ontological roots, probably inherent in the fundamental nature of "oneness" itself.

A huge jigsaw puzzle

Fundamental guiding intutitions, that appear repeatedly and seem to be part of the fundamental guidance or "meme" or "archetype" for this emerging idea:

  • Oneness
  • Relationship of the many and the one
  • Unity in/and diversity
  • Community
  • Harmony
  • Constructive disagreement
  • Co-creativity

Architecture of the grand scheme

  • Inspired guidance, proposing leading ideas and visions
  • Bottom-up democracy and "gathering", bringing pieces and insights and new applications into the context
  • Network of circles on every theme or issue
Local community Discussion / comment / blog / dialogue / documentation / Huge Integral Circle -- to follow.....

List as many pieces of this grand vision as possible

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