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The Integral Vision
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Much of what we are doing here involves what can reasonably be called engineering. We are constructing new unities by combining elements from many sources in "integral" ways, and organizing (and presenting) these ideas through an internet/cybernetic framework that itself totally depends on engineering. And many of the basic notions of "integral" imply good engineering, as we consider how to combine once-independent multiple "parts" from many sources into "one system". Indeed, the entire proess of integral philosophy can be understood as a kind of "information engineering"

Dealing with high levels of organization and complexity

On the internet, we can conceptualize and organize a complex form of idealism, that might be difficult to manifest in a more directly personal or "face-to-face" context. We can propose "ivory tower" ideals, and work through a process of perfecting our designs.

  • Complex projects with many facets
  • High level of detail presented in simple clear ways
  • Bringing hundreds of factors together into a single framework
  • Higher bandwidth than any single human mind can maintain

The internet has often been described as "cyberspace". Cybernetics is a core concept from engineering, and the term arises from the concept of "steersman". The original meaning of cybernetics implied "steering" -- as in how to guide or steer a complex system.

Here in this context, we are suggesting that this concept of cyberentics - or cyberspace - might play an important role in developing new and enlightened means for the broad human community to guide or steer our civivilation towards higher possibilities and a more graceful for of self-governance than is apparently possible through existing models.

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