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1 View Anahata Pomeroy Sheldrake's morphogenetic field refinements Sep 11 Alliance Plenary Forum
Rupert Sheldrake, cosmobiologist and wife, sound woman Jill Purce, spoke at the Ojai Foundation last night. Rupert who has activated our understanding of consciousness within his morphogenetic field refinements, walked us through a 3 minute review of the time line of human thinking and the forces that blocked our truths of how our bodies and consciousness work together. He will be receiving a Bridge Maker award in LA next Tuesday and is on the way for a weekend workshop at Joshua Tree. The c
2 View Anahata Pomeroy Black Elk May 19 Alliance Plenary Forum
So good to see Black Elk here on this site! Black Elk chose wisely to have John Niehart write his story; his wisdom saw our coming together. Our tribal merges are NOW, on all levels. Let us join the C(owboys), I(ndians) Association that gathered on the Mall to heal the waters and protect our collective heartlands. Our collective energy rises above oil many times over. Give oil a deserved rest. See you all in the Heart Lands. Aho.
3 View Anahata Pomeroy News 28 - Evolutionary Postcard Apr 1 Alliance Plenary News
There are many rainbow energy-Beings dancing on this circle/globe/torus, and the beauty of their hues coming through our senses can trigger our resonance with the entire full spectrum, the centerpoint of crystalline light. I enjoy the dance of light, for it pleases the crystalline to have all its rays adored and adorning.
4 View Anahata Pomeroy Ascending / Descending Feb 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
What I appreciate here is your integrity in referencing the people's whose ideas you are sharing. Doing this, the collective streams from these authors and artists come into our cultural collective, keeping us connected to the lineage of unfolding wisdom. Thanks to the free internet, the wikipedias, the shared creations flowing to us and through us. --- On Tue, Feb 4, 2014, Bruce Schuman wrote --- <img src="" title="Russian Fairy Tales
5 View Anahata Pomeroy Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Axis Mundi Feb 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
I so love your graphic of the vertical Wheel of Co-creation with the torroidal lines, Bruce. In the last sentence you say a holistic/integral spirit-led transformation. I want to change spirit-led to spirit-attracting or spirit-magnetizing (r)evolution. Leading is old paradigm. It is now in our realization that our dynamic makeup (centered within each of us) calls us with elan vitale (vital urge to be whole). Without leaders, we co-mingle, pooling our magnificent design to unfold our whol
6 View Anahata Pomeroy Axis Mundi Fruit Feb 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
Thank you Fred for your visioning of the healthy Tree of Life and sharing it here. Aloha to All My Relations. --- On Tue, Feb 18, 2014, Fred Meagher wrote --- Bruce & All: My copy of ‘Global Shift’ is waiting for me at my local New Age book shop so I’ll soon be up to speed on that. Your postings from Ms. Hubbard are near 186,000 miles per second so I don't think I can catch up; I’d have to break the Law to do that. I’ll just follow along in the slip stream as the shadows gather in the b

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