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1 View Annie Goose Interstellar Declaration of Dependence Sep 11 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B>thank you so much fred for this wonderful post on quetzalcoatl. your posts are always so informative. blessings to all who post here -- i read -- i digest -- i hope that i become a better person from reading everyone's awesome posts. --- On Thu, Sep 11, 2014, Fred Meagher wrote --- That Our Ancestors had a fading memory of being colonists from another star system has many proofs. Here is a look at one word, a single Name; the limit to understanding ourselves is that of understanding
2 View Annie Goose Pattern of the whole - coordinating activism May 8 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B>great reminders bruce - many thanks. for several years now i have been doing the standing women. i've shared it with many women friends, also. blessings to all. --- On Thu, May 8, 2014, Bruce Schuman wrote --- This framework continues to evolve. This message shows a few screen-shots from today, showing ways that we can use this wheel-based classification system ("taxonomy"). Here's one screen-shot from earlier today, that shows a "drill-down" from one of the twelve main "sector
3 View Annie Goose Ascending / Descending Feb 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B>we have a 5 year old granddaughter -- she resonates with these dolls -- she will stare and them and play with them for hours -- patiently studying each doll intensely before putting it back inside it's next larger companion -- until she has only one left. --- On Tue, Feb 18, 2014, Anahata Pomeroy wrote --- What I appreciate here is your integrity in referencing the people's whose ideas you are sharing. Doing this, the collective streams from these authors and artists come into our
4 View Annie Goose One Bridge at a Time Jan 17 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B>christine walker's book just showed up today -- looking forward to reading it -- thank you for the heads up on this book, bruce. a --- On Wed, Jan 15, 2014, Bruce Schuman wrote --- It was exciting for me yesterday to learn of this "Bridge Walkers" movie -- to see that it was produced by a local company here in Santa Barbara -- and to see the caliber and grace of its production. The imagery and the vision are beautifully presented -- and for me, extremely resonant with what I persona
5 View Annie Goose News 24 - Theology of Circle Jan 12 Alliance Plenary News
thank you dear bruce. at church i belong to a community of women -- we frequently meet -- in circle -- for events. in fact, next saturday we will be meeting. with that in mind, i put that beautiful book on my wish list on amazon. i will be getting it shortly. blessings to all who are here.
6 View Annie Goose Peace on Earth Dec 24 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B>so beautiful -- thank you so much bruce -- peace, love, {{HUGS}} to all --- On Tue, Dec 24, 2013, Bruce Schuman wrote --- <img src="" title="Jacquie Lawson - Penny Little"> Thanks to local SB activist and artist Penny Little -- and the eCard maestro Jacquie Lawson. See you guys in a day or two... ------
7 View Annie Goose The power of circle Dec 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B> wow -- thank you for this bruce -- really needed to see this tonight. i added both of bolen's books to my wish list on amazon. for many years i have been part of the standing women circle group -- every year on mother's day women [and children and men] at 1:00 pm local time for that person stand [or sit] in silence for 5 minutes -- praying for the children of the world and for world peace. since, when i wake up -- it is 1:00 pm somewhere in the world, i try to remember to do this every h
8 View Annie Goose I AM DIVINE ESSENCE Dec 15 Alliance Plenary Forum
<stunningly beautiful> - my spirit sings -- i think joann would approve --- On Fri, Dec 13, 2013, Starr* Saffa wrote --- Aloha! Annie and Ram - Thank you so much for your loving replies! Here's another to keep the joy going! <img src="" title="We reside in Source Eye"> Here's to our Infinite Consciousness Lighting up the worlds of Being, here there and everywhere! Living Love, Starr* --- On Fri, Dec 13, 2013, Annie Goose w
9 View Annie Goose I AM DIVINE ESSENCE Dec 13 Alliance Plenary Forum
<B>thank you dear starr -- i am really resonating with this particular post. --- On Fri, Dec 13, 2013, Starr* Saffa wrote --- <center><img src="" title="I AM DIVINE"></center> ------
10 View Annie Goose Single-issue Advocacy Dec 11 Alliance Plenary Forum
aha -- i am here -- i have landed -- love the excerpt from thomas keating's writings. for years i belonged to a group based in colorado, called atmadarshan -- run by a long time friend -- john bickham. johnny would be awesome here. have to think of some way to get him here. blessings to all. --- On Wed, Dec 11, 2013, Ram Varma wrote --- Hi Elizabeth, et all, Thank you very kindly for sharing your contemplative image. The Self-luminosity of the Pure Center Point seems calling for let

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