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1 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight Philip Savage Dec 20 Alliance Plenary Forum
This the first Mention of Philip Savage I've gotten, Fred. I'd be happy to share what I think of any claims you're wanting comment on, so long as they don't involve a lot of reading. Subliminal programming of human minds is a very big problem when it's denied that we're all engaged in it pretty much 'round the clock. Who/what is UCS?, and... Is global ESP Mr. Savage's term for the collective consciousness of earthlings? --- On Thu, Dec 18, 2014, Fred Meagher wrote --- Ph
2 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight AVAAZ PETITION TO G20 Nov 8 Alliance Plenary Forum
Hi Michael, It's uplifting to see you and all involved, working to speed establishment of peace on earth : ) Will you please elaborate on these two items on the petition?: 12. Shift from Representative to Direct Participatory Democracy empowering the People of the World to have a voice in the issues that affect us all; 13. Reforming educational systems based on the new ways of thinking and acting. Please define "of the World", as it's used in resolution 12's "People of the World".
3 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight Collaborative Tagging Oct 12 Alliance Plenary Forum
Hi all~ What I get from a synonym discussion my dictionary offers below it's definitions of "rigid": Synonym discussion: <b>rigid, rigorous, strict, stringent</b> mean extremely severe or <br>stern. <br><br> <b>rigid</b> implies uncompromising inflexibility [rigid rules of conduct]. <br><b>rigorous</b> implies the imposition of hardship and difficulty [the rigorous training of <br>recruits]. <b>strict</b> emphasizes undeviating conformity to rules, standards, or <br>requirements [strict e
4 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight Interfaith Circle - Peace Building Dec 16 Alliance Plenary Forum
Hi Everyone : ) I think it still looks too unclear whether we're for using "interspirit" to reference all non-material reality, as in the love that binds all beings together into one cosmic family, or whether it's to mean that followers of programs for living by this or that collection of beliefs about an Originator&Sustainer of all, is what we're making a gathering place for. Is it both?, and do we care if folks can tell which is which easily? Maybe a poll to figure this out would be a g
5 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight Alliance Growth - Thank you - Focus Nov 18 Alliance Plenary Forum
Hello again, Bruce and company : ) I'm just getting to the good stuff in The Coming Interspiritual Age, but am having a hard time finding time to continue as daily living just gets more demanding by the week! Some day, some way, it'll come though, I keep hoping and I can hardly wait for that. Bro. Wayne Teasdale's book will be next on my reading list. From what I've read about the man himself, his book is sure to be pure beauty so I can hardly wait to get into it. Being short on time
6 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight What is Integral? Oct 12 All groups Page
Hi all : ) What happened with my last posting is that I ommitted a slash that would have stopped italics where they should have. My oversight wasn't apparent until reading the mess that created when it was delivered to my Inbox. It's fixed now. Sorry for the difficult read, R.
7 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight What is Integral? Oct 12 All groups Page
This message is a reply to yours numbered 100930, Starr*: Warmest greetings back! It felt good to be called lovely. Thanks for the uplift : ) You bring a talent for socializing to our roundtable that I work on acquiring, as such niceties do make public discourse more pleasureably purposeful. Now to your observations about English... I've only taken three university courses, none of which covered this and other subjects we're discussing, but I find that life experience teaches the
8 View RhonnaLeigh MacKnight What is Integral? Oct 11 All groups Page
Hello Everyone, I've been liking what's coming from this part of the galaxy: positivity, cooperative Can Do spirit, and skill at stringing words together as promotes universal suffrage. It's new, for me, to see others using language to honor inherent wholeness; so that y'all are has me jazzed by the fact that you're living&breathing people who're interacting with who-knows how many other people in this fashion, on a daily basis. The education that's surely providing and opportunities you

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