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From: Bruce Schuman
Type: Page
Page: Axis Mundi
Date: January 15, 2014

Interesting that you would comment on this just now, Yitzhak, thanks. In the last ten minutes, I just added a new graphic that I found on the Facebook page for Barbara Marx Hubbard -- talking about "alignment with universal truth" -- and "awakening".

This looks to me like a very powerful image regarding "alignment". It is consistent with the Axis Mundi one-dimensional vertical axis -- but it adds a horizontal axis -- and then, on top of that -- adds "fractal levels" -- in a "recursive" form. That seems fascinating, and probably "the way reality actually works" -- insofar as we can know reality through concepts and perception.

As regards "center" -- hmm, I had not really thought much about "geographical center". My guess would be -- that this would be rather logically arbitrary. For me, it's more the way the ancient mystics would see it -- or the Native American shaman Black Elk might see it -- "center everywhere" -- ie, in every individual human soul -- and at every physical location...

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