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From: S´ace G root
Type: Page
Page: My Alliance
Date: December 21, 2013

hi Gerald,

i took some time or time gave me some reconciliation [break] with the conversation weus allign over here ..

first : U' see , i am not a scientific memory base but tend more to breath from the moment that arise .. however some histrionisms are pending.

then: 2.2 most definitely makes meus indivi-dia'listic & pendant while a prophesy indicated that 22 marked my birthday on the planet from a spell. of course i also settled at least 2 other spells next to that to prevent a single deity modus governing my "beliefs" ..

this 22 seems equal to 13 plus 9 , a compound .. often described as 13 Lords of CHAOS & 9 LORDS of TIME. The prophesy linked it to the BRIDE of a MAYAN LORD - pakal votan: bolon ik : wind nine : femi-nine

Maybe sometimes a tool holds the most promising tiny thought that arises from itself?

As a water governor/manager associated to "awakening planetary consciousness" i try to depart from the oxygen that binds in my pelvis, the hydrogene station - it seems to sound that original that it is hardly understood directly by the partner(s() , allies .. However i found a very deep listener in the writer of "integral holistic metapraxis", which is in our library.

It brought me also a writing on "Water by Plato" .. which triggered the idea here is the basic rule why the constant of Planck on some level rules "the planet" as well as our bodily stations .. (breathed)

When interested we might also share that .. , while the author is "pretty shy" / decent?

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