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From: Fred Meagher
Type: Page
Page: Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit
Date: December 12, 2013

Sace: Having a foot deeply in so many belief systems it would seem I would need to be a millipede to accomplish it; remember a single footed snail could leave a trial over many more than this. As science, history, politics, art and religion are all belief systems to my addled schizophrenic mind; and my apparent psychic perceptions merely symptoms of an inability to focus on a single dimension in either time or space; Devic reality as geology, meterology, psychology or mythology does not apply to my approach to Reality in use as the common vernacular. Perhaps this is why Mr. Girard seems to be crystal clear to me while being so obscure to most. Being multi dimensional is not always easy in a mono dimensional world.

As I am very bad at groveling to self declared diety in the sense declared in the Gita: Never has there been a time when You or I or Any on this battlefield did not exist; Khrisna like Jesus declaring solidarity with human beings as well as all other organisms; Plasmic, Genetic or Otherwise, my loyalty is suspect towards every tyrant. How often the unwary are enslaved by a clever con artist is a vast universe of potential tales told I will leave to Others, as I prefer not to challenge the local Powers in their games of Nations and Faiths. In other words I can be a good citizen but not a stupid dupe. Too bad so many of the Powers cannot discern the difference. True Democracy is far from existing in a world of Republics.

If the full range of my psychotic expieriances were declared including talking cockroaches, living planets, echoes in SPACETIME, Black Holes as cosmic citizens, past lives as set ups for future life jokes, sleeping for billions of years only to wake up the next day, having the daily news an inside comedy routine for the Gods, science fiction as holy scripture and vice versa; my believabilty would be in question more than it is now; if that was possible. For those who cherish certainty and comfortable shoes my thinking is indeed very disturbing; no doubt why I have been legally insane for forty four years. Please excuse me if my inability to accept pat answers is extreme; after all schidzophrenia by definition is an extreme mental state quite the opposite of the Zombiehood prescribed as cure; as much as the State is a Reality not at all just In Your Head.

A Citizen Surfing Gamma Waves

Fred M.

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