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From: S´ace G root
Type: Page
Page: Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit
Date: December 10, 2013

seeing the info appear .. i suddenly remember my trip to India in dec 2006, 7 years exact back , i was there .. visiting the tomg of master K. , he was in the similar ground as master V. Both masters were introduced to me in Varenasi. Often i wondered who master V. was .. but it is clear it was Vivekananda.

The motive i went to India was a double symposium at CMS Lucknow on Global Justice & Global Democracy.

Raj invited me to come & after the 5 days congress visit Benares, 300 km by jeep in perfect honking traffic. A retired german luitenant / colonel was with me on the back of the jeep enjoying the a-typical German Correctness on the "Autobahn".

It all was a kind of initiation/igniting Lucipher .. (probably with unique understanding)

2 years later in 2008 a German Cool Lady visited me after driving 2000 km .. She kept me from my stepmother at Christmas time ;-)

We did a blessing on the Beach at rook 45 ( Neu Ree Bah )

This ignited the thought on 13x28 moon having a 9 daya a kweak rhythm ..

so 9 9 9 1

rhythm to radiative attractive receptive .. transmissive

(3 x -tive , 1 -sive)

the labels love-life-void & live were shortcuts..

so some readings on Vivekananda for homework / K'nightware

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