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From: peter daley
Type: Page
Page: Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit
Date: December 9, 2013

I have been invited to say something about George King, to include this name in the list of spiritual pioneers. This does not convey the impact he made on the scene when the earth was under attack from three different aspects, any of which would have removed all intelligent life, and which I boldly describe in the opening chapters of my book the cover of which I will try to put on my bio.

Born with psychic powers George KIng soon became interested in Yoga and over ten years devoted eight hours a day to become master of Raja,Gnani,Mudra and Kundalini Yogas. On May21st.1959 he demonstrated the ability to engage Cosmic Consciousness by raising the Kundalini power before the TV cameras of the BBC during which the Master Aetherius gave a message through him. This was repeated in the US on the Duggan show, after the headquarters of the A.S. were transferred to Los Angeles.

More than six hundred such transmissions are on record which are of the greatest metaphysical and spiritual significance, the most notable being "The Twelve Blessings",which I had the privilege of attending in London 1958, where I saw him raise the Kundalini power to engage Cosmic Consciousness in less than two minutes before the Venusian Master Jesus took control of his voice. These transmissions constitute a program of spiritual exercises for self development unparalleled in simplicity and potency.

Later, in the US there was to be "The Nine Freedoms"by the Martian Adept, self named Mars Sector Six, and who is also a Lord of Karma. These were nine transmissions of which the second is LOVE , and is the Third Creative Principle, described as being lamentably misunderstood and liable to be misused. This book "The Nine Freedoms" is recommended for all serious students of Metaphysics, Philosophy and Theology. We were told that reading this book will change you forever. Individual evolution is described over millions of years, beyond Cosmic Consciousness.

When George King heard the command "You are to be the representative of Interplanetary Parliament" he dropped the pile of crockery he was carrying in shock. As a result he set out to engage in Yogic meditation until he received an answer, which was a visit by an Indian Master who walked through the closed door and gave him instructions to form a spiritual commando force which became known as The Aetherius Society, as an essential medium for co-operation with extraterrestrial agencies in the metaphysical operations required for the foundation of the New Age.

The metaphysical operations continue in the preferred absence of publicity. Teaching proceeds in a quiet way via has a small photo of George King). Proselytisng is not done as discouraged by the higher authorities.

The Aetherius Society is not generally known or recognised by the orthodox, but we make a difference.

For the more specific elements: the regular visits by the large Martian Satellite over the periods, April 18th -May23rd; July 5th-August 5th; September 3rd-October 9th; November 4th-December 10th, increase spiritual activity by a factor of 3000 times.

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