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From: S´ace G root
Type: Page
Page: My Alliance
Date: December 9, 2013

lately i commented in the stream area ..

maybe have to get used to our streaming feel ..

something to say about my "acting different" is ignited by this wonderful life , where i have the idea wonderful expressions / happenings are energizing other ones pretty weird stead embracing ..

is it possible to narrate your own pitfall .. or do we sustain from any pitfall while narrating a storyline that came into being ?

anyway it came on my path to be characterized on a special kin in the DreamSpell permutation table articulated by Valum Votan - avataric role by José Arguelles.

We can say it is only an idea to be synchrone .. whereas one can also take it as a precise and precious role to act upon. Which was the bride of an ancient Mayan Lordener , Pakal Votan : kin 022 , Bolon Ik, white solar Wind.

Strange enough other parameters brought up similar synchronicity flashing euphoric states , that mostly make shy .. maybe even angry.

220 on the Mayan Tzolkin Spell also vibrates 22 ... And then a Spell given birth as a channel simply added the kin codes , here 22 + 220 into 242, also 11x22 Doubled it even stroke 22x22: 484 etc.

Now i used this moon-driven alphabet on the AH page .. , resonating an ancient sourcecode.

ENERGY : 5 14 5 10 7 3 : 24 20 : 44

again 22 is there : 2x22 & pretty synchrone on 22 / 220

"i am ENERGY .. spiced"

At the same interval the urge for other attractions to human race unveiled 022 in another worldview / human sphere .

This is spiced by having studied some RUNES , and also INDIAN scripts .. that often come from bodily memes.

So the diagonals / & \ somehow communicate a time-vector that symbols the experience in the DOMINION reigning trades.

So even the word DOMINION gives notice of the 3 to 1 proportion between \ and / .. aka 3 "Nasculine" & 1 feMinine .. but then awake to the idea the feminine effect requires 3 masculine cycles to synchronize on the wisdom speak , as behavioural is interrelating all human beings.

finish this .. on EMERGEE again , while this came in the CHANNEL and resonated as a perfect sound matching its lines on the capitalized characters forming a word.

eg. 4 E's are as the known 4 elements and many variant settings as i recall here the McWhinney Worldview on the Unitary, the Sensitive, the Social & the Mythic aka Cognition, Senses, Heart & Guts aka Air, Earth, Water & Fire ..

eg. "eR" followed by "Gee" communicates vast as "I See" & say "Gee : I ' Streaming"

How to communicate similar processing awareness'es but simply share our stories on that ..

"Vulnerable" still "Ables" ..

----- closure play

tracking the VULNERABLE word

6 7 12 14 5 10 1 2 12 5 : 25 29 20 : 74

from the DreamSpell referenc we find on 74

WIZARD 9 ~ solar wizard

the most receptive SEAL / archetype on the singular mode - ripened to "fall" / "s'peak"


Consider it within the WAVE of WORLDBRIDGER , the opportunity "taker" especially in weeks as this , focussing WORLDEMERGEE on PRETORI~AH

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