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From: S´ace G root
Type: Page
Page: What is Integral?
Date: December 9, 2013

hi Starr , a propos on my device the message was still there ; from arithmatic viewpoint a slight error was there .. but then still the message might have been streamcurrent ..

my earthly bond role revised it to:

Hi Gerald & Starr et all interrested,

I found out allready ENERGY is a Masculine Driven Vibrant

5 14 5 10 7 3 : 19 15 10 : 44

A very profound product from 4 x 11

More to say here but keeping this one shorty / dense ..

Most Masculine Driver is the N character.

( the line goes down ! In left right direction)

LATELY cosmo beamed in EMERGEE

This attracts from

5 13 5 10 7 5 5 : 18 22 10 : 50

* Although EMERGEE is a Masculine Even attraction it is built 6 Feminine refined drivers 5 13 5 (10) 7 5 5 among the perfect 10 (binary code base)

* And the M character rises too at the midway .. first \ then / .. (Those symbols both establish HARA axis / access ..')

Both arguments to use that word capitalized in settled alliances .. equibalancing the otherones.

A suggestion that brings up the Feminine Dynamics more integral on the word is to use EMERGEES


* 5 plus 9 gives 14 aka character N .., line DOWN * 59 is uneven and provides Z , that is the line goes UP * 4 E's establish 4 Elements that hold the 5th

Then i see next to this entry :

Next Buddha will emerge not in form of an individual etc.

New/Noo Born linguistical approaches are their driving forces ..

Note ') The axis is the wheels / chakral unity driving gear..

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