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From: S´ace G root
Type: Page
Page: Convene the Collective Voice of Spirit
Date: December 8, 2013

As we stream - a deck on a stream .. we proceed .. explicitly requesting followers to take their own pace .. otherwise failure is energetically frustrating .. which by default is prohibited but still own sail for the curious ..

(Forgive my unnative language English')

Episode 3/9 (9 th is closure for an Edition)

NELSON popped on evident pulsar .. also while it locally claims to be a captain.

Q28 alphabet ( wheel reference card on )

Gives for N E L S O N

14 5 12 9 13 14

Either 19 21 27 or 31 36 summing 67

As we refer to previous episodes ..

67 also aligns to structure

Questions can arise such as ..

Gives many years being imprisoned structure to a mans thinking , governing fundamentals ?

Can this week of synchronising his soul pivot the worlds paradigm while about 144000 'monkeys' empower his mind structure as playfully in 3 cells provided by Fred Maegher ? Does exercise the sourcecodes moderate various people living on alternative grounds but still one earth / planeth

Finishing this oracle alike reading ..


13 1 14 4 5 12 1 : 14 23 13 : 50 for Mandela

Is 4 less for MANDALA : 46

BOTH YANG words : left brain

Well anyway Nelson Mandela gives 67 50 : 117

Glueing this with the 260 permutation table .. Also known as Dreamspell Tzolkin Legacy It aligns to earth13 : present navigathor ..

Pretty Outcome when minds are fluid on followup

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