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From: Gerald Dillenbeck
Type: News
News: News 29 - Pattern of the whole
Date: May 7, 2014

This is excellent. I wish I could actually "click on a sector" and produce a result for that sector's definition and articulation. Fuller believed strongly that the universe can only be comprehended with accuracy when we, as a species, re-cognize that we, all of nature, is PRIMArilycomposed of relationship (Yin), and only secondarily of atomic materials (Yang). Quanta, then, are prime relational functions, within a (0) soul Core Vortex; within which, Yin's binomial numeric face as -1/+1 = +1/-0, in reverse, as Negatively Deviant Empty Set OVER Positively Deviant Full Set (100% of all nomials-memes) is thermodynamically balanced (and therefore metrically and proportionally and analogically and normatively and ecologically balanced with Yang/Yin.

The teleological purpose, then, of positively deviant evolution is to regenerate positively deviant revolutions, to the point of inclusive saturation (diastasis, or metanoia). Alpha/Omega Point is analogically equivalent to Fuller's 0 Core Vector, and Gregori Perelman's proof of the (0) soul conjecture. Yes, we live in a polynomial Space/Time Universe (dominant Left hemisphere); but we also live in a binomial Place/EternalMoment Prime Relationship memory storage and retrieval system (Left/Right hemispheric normative balance preferenced; as a result of becoming a bicameral species--neither Left nor Right hemispherically dominant (dissonant); but Left/Right balanced/optomized Positive/Negative Deviance says that where I end, must be where you begin; so that where I begin will always be where We begin. The Golden Rule of a Mercy/Grace/Gratitude Ecology

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