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From: Ram Varma
Type: News
News: News 28 - Evolutionary Postcard
Date: April 1, 2014

Hi Anaahata Pomeroy, et all,

Thanks for sharing such a beautiful message which seems saturated with Peace and love within. As even the most brilliant actions without love do not count that much in Self-fulfillment and service to the community. In any case, it is established that love expressed in Purity from the depths of one's being, filled with can not be misqualified and it can not be misused. And no greater love can be expressed than the Love of the Presence. The Masters have concluded that the greatest victory is the victory of knowing and experiencing Divine Love. In this context, Harold W. Becker from love Foundation sends his love and hugs by saying:

>>>By contemplating our divine nature and the qualities inherent within our being, we contact and draw these vibrant expressions forth. As we focus on the angels that we are, we become this wondrous energy in action. This energy then reminds us of the life force and beauty within everyone and everything. When we see no more separation, then the boundless quality of unconditional love becomes our sole expression.<<<

Wishing everyone at UCS and IA, Peace and Love,

With Love and Gratitude.......Ram

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