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From: S´ace G root
Type: News
News: News 26 - A Thousand Bridges
Date: January 18, 2014

Responding to the thousand , i,-d dfirst rremember center is from hundred as in centenial.

I promote the idea it is from 3 generations bondes on elegant strimgs.

Here we could focus on and from an ancient symbol.

This is a most sym-pli illustration of integrality

In an initiation we emphasize 3 entities as interconnected fields of a 'working energetic hermetic type'

3 examples are

Past Present Future

Observing Feeling Thinking

Radiative Attractive Receptive

Maybe those 3 spiral types are parallel universes that can be experienced all together uniting focus on the mystery ..

Then a fourth valued working principle pops as binding balance ..

Let us try a fourth solution that fits and matches universally, okay?

Past Present Future find a momentum , the Now illusion.

Observing Feeling Thinking find a Knowing, the Knowledge basement.

Radiative Attractive Receptive balance in a Transmissive, the Decision agreed upon.

Then what is the general conclusion for what the Symbol illustrates?

The class yells: hermetic, energy, balance, tao, economy, language, ilkusion, reality, oxymoron, .... etc .. ( reply some other nine , when it sprouts locally)

A fourt hermetic type as guidance coukd be Love Life Void .. An attempt to characterize the effects within the symbol are:

LOVE is the common radiative illusion from the symbol as an integral working whole.

LIFE is as following the line, the is only one single line which energetically could be cycled in a fractiin of a second .. and each spot on the line could fill a page ..

VOID is in fact every split second, and only one of thousand split seconds coukd mean a disaster or a very euphoric synchrone happening.

The fourth value matching the 3 is the Glory of interconnectedness while experiencing the collective: the continuous celebration of our planet in the given timespirit.

But then forget all what has been relayed here .. see for yourself wherher your story poos synchrone sets ..

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