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From: Nirmalan Dhas
Type: News
News: News 25 - A No Labels Spirituality
Date: January 14, 2014

I shall take a deeper look at this and maybe respond. But I cannot resist telling you right now that "Everything on the table - Everybody at the table" really made me laugh...I mean the roll on the floor laughing type of laugh which does not happen often. I can imagine our (Sri Lankan) president and his four brothers (Thats more or less all of our government though we have dozens of other ministers) putting their plans for murder, suppression, crime and corruption on the table - they would have to bring a representative from the world bank along too to carry their files and do some explaining of the intricacies and the foreign elements involved. This of course will not happen...not in the forseeable future unless someone does what we call 'a Saddam Hussein' and hauls the brothers (or what ever is left of them) to the table.

I also see a potent brew of 'national spiritualism' being guzzled all over the place. Its Sri Lankan brand is "Sinhala Buddhist Sri Lankan Nationalism' and it has been responsible for over 60 years of war both overt and covert and the killing of hundreds of thousands and it continues now with attacks against minorities with special attention to muslims and now christains as well. Looking for 'National Solutions' as they found out in Europe a long time ago, tends to lead to horrible things that people seem to do to each other and then attempts to compensate those horribles lead to even worse horribles in turn.

I wonder how many can actually perceive and articulate perceptions that go beyond nationalism and national identities...after all the cosmos does not know these boundaries, not even our personal ones which will have to disappear if we are to put "everything on the table". I would love to see that happening. Then I can download all thats going on in my mind for all the world to see...including any sick stuff and gremlins that may be passing through...


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