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From: Nirmalan Dhas
Type: News
News: News 24 - Theology of Circle
Date: January 12, 2014

Yes. I have noticed that. Keep going and someday you may enter the awareness that there is no such thing as a circle and that everything that looks like a circle is actually one rotation in a spiral that spirals and spirals and spirals endlessly spiraling upon itself again and again...and whose spirals spiraling makes it start off as one thing but soon become another and then another and another and so on...

You could call this the 'margin of error that drives evolution'...if you prefer to look at it that way...

With the realization that the circle is a spiral also comes the realization that there is in fact no other and that waiting for another will only cause then one starts doing what one can do and in doing so one 'sets things in motion' ...quite outside ones control though...and then things happen...and happen and happen...things one never dreamed of...things that one cannot possibly own.

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