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From: Starr* Saffa
Type: Blog
Blog: Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance
Date: October 19, 2013

Sorry Bruce for the delay in responding to your post, which is still forthcoming

1). Weekend activities have taken priority demanding my Presence :).

2. What you wrote has caused a 'stir' and I want to present my reply in a way that you might be able to relate to, in consideration of the InterSpirit Agenda. Some times veils have to be removed in order to let the *organic flow* for new models to emerge as possibilities for a flowering civilization.

3). Although I have bits and pieces of Kurt Johnson's work, the mandate for InterSpirit, I still haven't perused his material and premises sufficiently, therefore, I"m speaking without knowing if he has addressed the removal of the veils of which I wish to address in responding to your blog post.

4). Thanks to Ram, I know that we are on the same trajectory as regards the following paragraph, I just want to help transform the causes of what blocks or undermines the objectives.

From Ram's Oneness post No. 101058 (5). "The veil of the illusion of separation is torn and we become acutely aware of our oneness. We come to know that love is the common element of our humanity, not the divisiveness that tears us apart. Deeper than all divisions, love binds us as one. This is the unseen yet indisputably experienced ?God Particle in us. We are entering the Interspiritual Age, the next great evolutionary leap for humankind.a leap from from separation consciousness to unity consciousness."

OOOO, Ayn Ayn Ayn - Starr*

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