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From: Starr* Saffa
Type: Blog
Blog: Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance
Date: October 18, 2013

Earth is over 14 billion years old. During those 14 billion years there have been 5 major Cycles or Solar Ages.

Every time the star Sirius comes close to Earth in its rotation the old Cycle ends (end of a world or system of things) and a new Cycle births. According to the Aztec Calendar the Sixth Solar Age has just begun at the end of December 2012.

This new Solar Age Cycle is meant to begin the Flowering of Humanity where Humanity, by its own freewill chooses to build Harmony and Balance. It is a collective consciousness. However, nothing can balance without "Equality" - for 'With the Power of Equality injustice will be no more'.

The Energies have been released to allow for and entirely new system of Illumination. Thus, as new realities emerge they many not fit into what was known during the 5th Cycle and it may take some time to comprehend or make sense of what is emerging.

We are in the process of learning that we can no longer 'force' things to happen, but rather we have to use the magnetic energy of Light, also known as Love.

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