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From: RhonnaLeigh MacKnight
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Philip Savage
Date: December 20, 2014

This the first Mention of Philip Savage I've gotten, Fred.

I'd be happy to share what I think of any claims you're wanting comment on, so long as they don't involve a lot of reading.

Subliminal programming of human minds is a very big problem when it's denied that we're all engaged in it pretty much 'round the clock.

Who/what is UCS?, and...

Is global ESP Mr. Savage's term for the collective consciousness of earthlings?

--- On Thu, Dec 18, 2014, Fred Meagher wrote ---

Philip Savage has made some remarkable statements about his discoveries and abilities that may be of interest to UCS members and Interspirit Alliance participants able to at least give him the benefit of the doubt; as we do for all who have posted near impossible beliefs. His web site psproof contains numerable scientific reports on phenomenon that I have seen demonstrated by several UCS members over the years; apparent global ESP and subliminal influence. To what degree psychic power is ‘spiritual’ or ‘mental’ or ‘suggestive’ is an open question to me; its ‘reality’ is inescapable, its nature is incomprehensibe; but not to Mr. Savage, or so he claims.

I am curious what others here may think of him and his claims.

Just curious;

Fred M.


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