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From: Fred Meagher
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: One Circle
Date: November 19, 2014

Bruce & All: While on Ancestor Walks with local tribes who allow non-Indians to join in over the last few years I have experienced animal spirits, weather Beings, the souls of the Dead, geological Entities and disembodied Shamans. Supposedly my perceptions are diseased according to modern psychiatry, yet these Indians find me simply attuned to what they all know. Forty years of thinking myself sick was healed by being accepted for what I am; not insane, but a Seer.

In today’s world where anything not money or media centered is unacceptable; the wars and poverty and planetary destruction are normal. In the days of Our Ancestors where there was no war or pollution or poverty or money; love of Spirit and Wisdom were treasured. With so much of modern time being spent in deep disinfotainment attached to various devices that sap our attention and our motivations; few notice the rapidly growing signs of destruction growing up around them. Those few who do struggle to be heard above the din of the market and the clamoring of war. This website and the United Communities of Spirit have been a refuge and a forum for those who yearn for a saner life in a loving world.

With any gleaming of Light dark shadows appear. What may best be termed ‘evil spirits’ always seem to come and mock the holy ones who point us towards the Heavens. The demonic headhunters in Iraq dancing in evil glee at the triumph of their demonic concept of god and law inherit the eons of effort by the Darkness to extinguish Freedom and Understanding and Love in humanity.

In my personal experience those Entities who survive by enslaving souls have little regard for free will or intelligence in their human subjects; dogmatic domination is their favorite trick. Transcendental experience is their greatest enemy. The forty five years of total banning of psychedelic scientific exploration of religion has been a great triumph for the darkness. People like me who learned to enter the Other World of Our Ancestors were once respected members of the tribe. With modern ‘psychiatry’ any awareness not commercially exploitable is condemned. Sacred Places are perceivable by sacred people. Scared people see battlefields as consecrated space. Wonton destruction of Our Mother and Our Souls is what our disinfotainment environment is bringing us. Is a few hours flying in the deeps of our souls in Heaven with the Spirit such a crime?

Restore the Sacraments and the Sacred Places of All Life. My forty years of wandering in the desert of desolation was not without purpose. I know the depths of the Darkness that craves Light. It begs me to release It from its hell. ISIS is a crying child begging for its mother. Let Mother Earth recover from Her wounds and such scheming brats will disappear. That is how we win this war.

Fred M.

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