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From: Fred Meagher
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Visionary Cosmos Compass
Date: March 28, 2014

“In each atom of the universe, there exist vast oceans of world systems.”

The Golden Flower Ornament, an ancient Buddhist scripture.

Evolutionary psychology applied to astrophysics contains a number of complex paradoxes similar to those in biological processes. As the Big Bang may very well be no more unique than the firing of a spark plug in an engine, might the existence of consciousness be as universal as the distribution of natural law?

Stephen Hawking has stated that the entire cosmos is an interactive echo of space time between Alpha and Omega points consisting of a Black Hole singularity; a complex interference pattern we call physical matter.

Gregory Bateson in “Mind and Nature” describes large scale ecological systems, weather patterns and geological structures as being responsive and adaptive in their evolution and interactive continuation. Bill Gates has been instrumental in producing a digital nervous system for the entire planet. Philip Dick coined the term V.A.L.I.S., Vast Active Living Intelligence System, as a science fiction device in his philosophical and religious explorations of human destiny. Hints of an extraterrestrial and extra dimensional origin pervade the folk lore and religious mythology of our entire specie. Is conscious intelligence a pervasive reality not yet perceived by an infant race; not yet able to recognize and smile at its parents?

Previous to written knowledge, myth and ritual carried human culture from generation to generation. Pervasive common imagery adapted to local conditions established coordinates dubbed ‘conscius’ in Latin; shared knowledge. Interstellar hydrogen at 23 angstroms pervades the universe. DNA is a 23 angstrom spacing in a feedback loop whose protein dance rituals generate organisms in ecosystem interactions with geological and meteorological alignment.

Hawking’s interference pattern seems to be Dick’s VALIS; yet consciousness continues to be defined in human linguistic patterning.

The cosmos speaks in evolutionary terms from its galactic and atomic levels; not merely in its biological forms. The infant race in its swaddling clothes surrounded by animals and angels in its planetary manger continues to crucify itself with convoluted verbal confusions. The Light shines in the Darkness and the Darkness understand it not.

The verbal ego in human primates personified as a war god bent on destroying all other knowledge, has haunted the human race for six thousand years. Semantic hypnosis has led our specie to a critical juncture where international psychosis has become the normal state of planetary affairs. The alpha male projected as the chest beating teeth baring nation state has threatened the existence of life itself with its tiny limiting conceptions of consciousness confined within a human skull.

Is it possible that gravity fields and magnetic domains that generate atoms and galaxies are as active in the arenas of strong and weak nuclear forces we experience as biochemical existence? Could these be the invisible spirits seen as gods and demons by our less verbally confused ancestors? The invisible winds at 23 angstroms blow throughout the cosmos, as well as in our chromosomes and in our brains.

“In each atom of the universe, there exist vast oceans of world systems.”

The Golden Flower Ornament, an ancient Buddhist scripture.

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