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From: Annie Goose
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: One Bridge at a Time
Date: January 17, 2014

christine walker's book just showed up today -- looking forward to reading it -- thank you for the heads up on this book, bruce.


--- On Wed, Jan 15, 2014, Bruce Schuman wrote ---

It was exciting for me yesterday to learn of this "Bridge Walkers" movie -- to see that it was produced by a local company here in Santa Barbara -- and to see the caliber and grace of its production. The imagery and the vision are beautifully presented -- and for me, extremely resonant with what I personally feel is "the incoming dispensation" -- the energy being released now to/into/through humanity by evolution and God and The One --

As you know -- I am very attracted to Christina Baldwin's "Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture". That book title more or less defines what I personally think we are doing, and where I think the collective evolutionary forces are taking us.

This is all a circle process. It's a huge circle process. It's a circle process that contains everything, that acknowledges everything, that considers everything -- all within a single huge simultaneous/integral framework. It's a "One Circle" process -- guided by deepest instinct, the most tender and devoted kind of love -- and the power of clear-headed systems/network engineering -- that gets all of this, sees how the pieces might be put together -- and begins to activate the entire potential -- probably in concert with thousands of other activation points....


So -- the activist movement is a connection process that involves bridge-building between levels or sectors or regions or "neighborhoods" or these soft clouds of commonality that we can detect out there -- such as "indigenous spirituality".

Somehow, maybe just by sheer aesthetics, it feels beautiful to me that we might want to base the absolute foundation for a new global civilization on the primal teachings of indigenous people that have been essentially unchanged for 10,000 years.

The One Circle process -- is linked to the One Tree process -- they are the same thing. One Circle, One World Tree -- one definition or framework or conceptualization of absolute harmonic unity, and one alignment operating through it. Not "imposed" -- not dictated, not controlled by anybody, a living energy constantly shifting in adaptive ways.

I might be getting just slightly ahead of myself here -- I have not talked to these people yet. So I don't want to project too much and get off base. But what I think is happening is -- a process of "relationship-building" that adopts these fundamental principles of "circle" as they are found out there -- and begins some kind of resonant alignment/agreement/connection process -- the way a branch is connected to a tree.

We need "a thousand bridges" -- maybe 10,000, maybe 10,000,000 -- each one perfectly tuned in adaptive listening and respectful hearing/understanding, as the path is created and made stable and trustworthy and accurate/reliable.

Those "pathways" -- those "bridges" or "branches" -- are interpretations -- written "in the local language" as a bridge to the local and particular from the absolute and universal.

So, I want to get out there and "talk to those people" -- and see whether any of this makes sense to them. Let's explore these connections. Let's get the imagery on the table. Let's work out the particulars. Let's connect.

Let's get into this "all my relations" energy and make it strong...

--- On Tue, Jan 14, 2014, Bruce Schuman wrote ---


"To bring a vision that can bring unity in this world, that could unite mankind..."

"One Heart - One Mind - One Spirit"

"I would build a bridge for understanding"

"We are going to create an energy shift"

"All Nations, One Spirit, One Prayer"



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