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From: Fred Meagher
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Date: January 17, 2014

Of course, it is heretical to voice the thought that the awakedness of the aborigine is preferable to twentieth century technological comfort, which in actuality, is a closing off of the sense fields and a narrowing of the perceptions we have of life. Indeed, it is possible that the trap of technological development lies in our creating an environment in which all we receive is the limited frequency feedback of our own artificially devised improvements. What if the trap of civilization is a sensory shutdown that gravely impairs our ability to receive fresh information?

This situation would be compounded if the seductive frame of artificially induced environments might also condition our ability to appreciate new sensory input. We might then find the predicament of the collective human organism to be akin to that of a caged animal suffocating on the toxic residue of its own waste products. Indeed, when we survey the reality of the world at the present moment, this description seems a propos.

Jose Arguelles in “The Mayan Factor” chapter 7, technology and transformation.

--- On Thu, Jan 16, 2014, Nirmalan Dhas wrote ---


As we have said before if you can see that there is urgent need for new ways to live, new lives and livelihoods for each one of us and a new world for us all - in order to respond to Growth Model of Development (GMD) and the Rapid Resource Depletion (RRD) Pollution and Global Climate Change (P&GCC) and Global Monetary Collapse (GMC) it has brought about, threatening the collapse of its global civilization as well as its own extinction - and if you have any idea as to how these changes can be made, then you must participate in the great global gathering where you can explain you ideas as to how the required changes can be made. The gathering will have to be funded by the registration fees of those who wish to participate but in return participants will retain ownership and copyrights to their contributions.

Your recommendations will be acknowledged and utilized in the synthesis of a visionary projection of the path to survival and a credible future and you will choose the role that you wish to play in guiding Homo sapiens along this path that you help perceive. You will in effect become one of the planetary guides (Global Strategic Guides I believe they are known as, and I think their symbolic color is a deep blue) who will guide the planet into a new way of being where a new civilization emerges and regenerates the environment and the species dedicates itself towards life’s continued evolution through and beyond human being and towards its spread throughout the cosmos.

No one can ever perform this transformation for you. You have to perceive the pathway and you have to guide existing institutional structures nation states and multi lateral institutions along this path to its realization.

We are aware that the World Bank, The United Nations Organization, Regional Bodies, Nation States and several other institutional structures of the prevailing Institutional framework are engaged in attempts to mobilize a discourse amongst their employees and those they fund within the conceptual framework of the dominant perceptual paradigm and we are aware that this limitation will relegate the people in whose interests these Institutions claim to act, to silent conformity and obedience rather than creative participation.

We are also aware that these Institutions are engaged in an ongoing process of “harvesting” the perceptions of people that they have not and show no intent to pay for or acknowledge – reducing their processes of “harvesting” to simple theft from the very people whom current global processes continue to impoverish and enslave by debt - and hence this great global gathering will provide an alternative repository of your perceptions which will be acknowledged and which you will own and for the use of which we hope you will be able to demand and receive compensation.


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