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From: Ram Varma
Type: Page
Page: Oneness
Date: October 19, 2013

Beloved Starr*, Dear Bruce, et all,

First of all, I am very grateful for your very kind and loving words. It gives me lots of encouragement to keep putting my efforts by way of sharing at this wonderful forum which gives us the first hand experience of Integral Oneness. All the members are contributing in their own unique ways. I respect it and I love it. And with many thanks, to-day, I am inspired to share some inspiring flowers that I have picked up from the InterSpirituality eBook that dear Bruce recommended, as follows:

1. Interspirituality is the way in which we explore who we are beyond the convention of religion and the social norm to this depth of our Authenticity and Truth. It is an ongoing dialogue and journey of self awareness, introspection, reflection, emotional and spiritual evolution that will include growing pains and is often messy, but is also where we will discover the unconditional love and acceptance we seek outside and in others, in the refuge of our own HEART.

2. Interspirituality acknowledges and addresses the relationship between our personal and transpersonal selves . as it allows for unlimited uniqueness within a landscape of deep interconnectedness. And so the invitation of Interspirituality is for us to discover the truth of who we are via all that is unfolding in the present moment by peeling back the layers of separation that masquerade as separateness and to discover the common ground, regardless. It is transcending ego's need for conflict. In this sense we are all profoundly independent, interconnected, and interdependent. It is in this sense that we are One.

3.. This is the invitation of Interspirituality . to engage in this experience of creation and be free to love . the unconditional kind, not the emotionally immature kind, not the conditional kind, but a generous kind. This kind of love is miraculous, in that it is naturally inclusive, naturally expanding, naturally welcoming, naturally open, naturally available, naturally abundant, naturally dynamic, naturally tolerant, naturally forgiving, and naturally compassionate . this is our true nature. When we love we are deeply connected. It is the energy of no separation . the energy of acceptance . the energy of peace . in all of our relationships, including the one with ourselves; in deep connection with nature, among all people, all religions and spiritual traditions, and all nations.

4. We have a passion to communicate new visions of a culture of peace, where humanity lives in harmonious relationship with one another and all life. We flourish as the feminine instinct to nurture and feed one another comes into balance with the masculine energy to create Peace and Love. We have a passion to communicate new visions of a culture of peace, where humanity lives in harmonious relationship with one another and all life. We flourish as the feminine instinct to nurture and feed one another comes into balance with the masculine energy to create harmony and progress.

5. The veil of the illusion of separation is torn and we become acutely aware of our oneness. We come to know that love is the common element of our humanity, not the divisiveness that tears us apart. Deeper than all divisions, love binds us as one. This is the unseen yet indisputably experienced ?God Particle in us. We are entering the Interspiritual Age, the next great evolutionary leap for humankind.a leap from from separation consciousness to unity consciousness.

Needless to say, it is such an honor and fulfillment that our InterSpirit Alliance here is a part of this great Unity Consciousness movement. Noting clearly that we are operating in peaceful and loving way. And these are the two Divine Ascended qualities. Just remembering always the eternal wisdom that:

>>>>At Peace, We Are (As We Are) and Free; proclaiming our intrinsic inheritance of Eternal Bliss<<<<

Thus the bottom line is how can we be peaceful and how can we always maintain this state irrespective of whatever situation we are in. Nothing is going to happen without peace and harmony.

Peace can be felt in the actions of kindness, selflessness, heart-felt charity and humor....actions for the collective good of the society. Actions performed to connect with other people. And one not being attached to the outcomes of one's actions performed. The peace of the inherent Spirit can be experienced through regular silent contemplation/meditation , present moment presence( PMP) and oneness of unconditional love. The Observer and the Observed (self-observation ) can also experience its presence through oneness of observation.

The major elements of of such a powerful oneness being; 100% absorption, 100% openness and 100% receptivity. This simply means we can experience it in any thing we are handling/interacting with as long as we are meeting the fore-mentioned criteria of oneness. Our human experiences as such become a joy and actions are performed in awareness and taking us into timeless ecstasy and celebration of Spirit. Connecting us to the Supreme Spirit/Energy making it a gateway to infinity and in due course of time making us unlimited in all our undertakings. The impact of the Indwelling Spirit. Thus in our day to day life it is worth the serious genuine efforts on our parts.

Indwelling Spirit gives us 100% of our available potential. It is wise to make firm moves to get in touch with this amazing power in us. Without its interplay in our daily activities, we are extremely limited and missing the whole ballgame of life. As we are truly free only in our Spirit, we can free ourselves from our inner toxins just by visiting it more often. There are many ways of visiting it. However, all these ways require directing your attention to it. That's where meditation comes real handy.

>>> At Peace I AM Love, I AM Free, I AM Joy. And so are we all of us!<<<

Om Peace, Peace and Peace!

With Peace and Love.......Ram

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