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Unfolding The Cycle of Harmony and Balance
Starr* Saffa

Starr* Saffa

This Blog unfolds Balancing Information in alignment with Divine Source Will, while Removing Veils that obscure or hinder. At present it strives to bring awareness of the Divine Female in Creation as an equal partner to the Male Energies.

As such the movie "Tahirih Divine Voice" is introduced as the Eternal Creating Spirit who has opened the Portal to Source for all so they may recognize their True Self Source and proactively bring the continuous flow of Knowledge to the Earthly realm.

This Blog Unfolds Balancing Information in alignment with Divine Source Will, while Removing Veils that obscure or hinder. At present it strives to bring awareness of the Divine Female in Creation as an equal partner to the Male Energies.

1844, all around the world people were expecting the return of Christ. Because Diety was entangled in constructs of Patriarchal belief they were not looking for the Spirit to arrive in a Female Body. But indeed, that is what happened.

As such the movie "Tahirih Divine Voice", Introduces Tahirih as the Eternal Creating Spirit who has opened the Portal to Source for all so they may recognize their True Self Source and proactively bring the continuous flow of Knowledge to the Earthly realm.

 Virgin Mary and Tahirih-Ayn One Spirit Connection Friday, Oct 18
Earth is over 14 billion years old. During those 14 billion years there have been 5 major Cycles or Solar Ages. Every time the star Sirius comes close to Earth in its rotation the old Cycle ends (end of a world or system of things) and a new Cycle births. According to the Aztec Calendar the Sixth Solar Age has just begun at the end of December 2012.

This new Solar Age Cycle is meant to begin the Flowering of Humanity where Humanity, by its own freewill chooses to build Harmony and Balance. It is a collective consciousness process.

However, nothing can balance without "Equality" - for 'With the Power of Equality injustice will be no more'. Tahirih 1840's

A world that puts 'God the Father' as the Creator and leaves off the Mother of Creation, as most Religions do, or puts Her in an unequal position is a world that is seriously out of Balance.

Therefore, it is an essential first step for Humanity to recognize the Divine Authority of the Female Creator along with the Male, for both these Principles of Source are needed to operate interactively as One so that Harmony may be realized.

Virgin Mary, has been known as the Mother of God in Her Eternal Creating Role. She appeared to the Aztecs (Who equate Her to their Knowledge of The Great Creating Mother) over 500 years ago, telling them to prepare the world for this New Solar Age (The Sixth Sun). They have been doing so, but in unseen ways as the Churches would continue to persecute them if they did this openly.

Tahirih, who is recognized as the return of Fatima and Virgin Mary (The same Eternal Creating Spirit) incarnated once more to ready the people for this new Universal Cycle of Harmony.

Her mission included uncapping the minds and hearts of people so that they could recognize the Source Living within ThemSelves, Mighty, Powerful, and Self-subsisting. She is the Remover of the Veils. Now this Message is imprinted on the Hearts of the People of today in order that they may fulfill their role in building an entirely new way of Life.

The Energies have been released to allow for and entirely new system of Illumination. Thus, as new realities emerge they many not fit into what was known during the 5th Cycle and it may take some time to comprehend or make sense of what is emerging.

We are in the process of learning that we can no longer 'force' things to happen, but rather we have to use the magnetic energy of Light, also known as Love.

 Removing the Veils Sunday, Oct 20
Starr*: Hi Bruce, Since I haven’t been able to read Kurt Johnson’s “Interspiritual Coming Age” yet, would you let me know if you think it is compatible with the idea of recognizing the Female Godhead as part of the Abrahamic Religions? Bruce: I share most or all of your ideas on the Divine Feminine. I was involved for years with an esoteric church led by a woman, and we did the rosary for years in modified terms that recognized the balance of the feminine and the masculine.

Starr*: Bruce I like what you wrote regarding recognizing the need of *balance* in relation to and including the divine feminine with the masculine, as these attributes are inherent in all Beings. Unfortunately, ‘feminine qualities’ have been made to be perceived as weak and in some instances profane which prevents the majority of the world valuing these attributes.

However, as you would agree, balancing leads to whole-brain thinking which helps Humanity understand their Oneness. As such, I am taking this opportunity to expand this topic in order to reverse the constructed separation that most Religions still perpetrate. In so doing, we first, make a clear distinction between the words ‘Feminine’ and ‘Female’, and likewise between ‘Masculine’ and ‘Male’.

As mentioned above ‘feminine and masculine’ are attributes which are embodied in the Female and Male Principles of Source. However, in the Abrahamic Religions when God incarnated into a Prophet and/or Teacher, i.e...Jesus, it was into a man, thus the male embodiment was associated with God, and God (The Holy and Divine Creator) became “He”.

Immediately, God incarnating into a male personages, leaves the female personages apart from God and in an inferior relationship with God and man, thus the female is not considered inherent in the Creating Process and thereby can be seen as unholy and devalued in society. Consequently the attributes of the female, which are considered ‘feminine’, are seen as weak and inferior to the masculine strong and powerful attributes assigned to men. This construct of separateness caused a serious imbalance in civilization which blocked the flow of Spirit found within the Female embodiment of Source.

However, in 1979, a great amount of research and scholarly work was done which eventually brought forward the Goddess Creating Essence which had been previously known immanently throughout the Universe. This awareness has allowed for many Spiritual minded people to begin, once again, to honor the Female Principle equally with the Male Principle of Creation, thus ending the fracturing and separation of the Oneness. This essential process brings Females (girls, women, and all the androgynous and intersex people of society) back into their Sacred Holy Truth in order that they can be honored equally in civilization. Tahirih, is a relatively, modern Goddess, if you will, who has prepared and out laid the basic vision for the New Universal Cycle by encouraging all people to recognize the Source within Them Selves.

With this awareness no longer will the Theology of Religion only be seen through the lens of Males, for Thealogy, where (Thea is Greek for Goddess) incorporates the Female lens. With this kind of interactive wholeness the Spirit of Source will flow and be fully embodied within Humanity. With the male and female principles of GodSource interacting in wholeness the Civilization can come into Balance and Harmony can reign. If Religion is unable to incorporate the Divine Female on an equal basis to God the Father in Religion, Religion will continue to be a block to Social Justice and therefore become redundant.

Bruce: Also -- your comment about "forcing" things seems very appropriate.

Starr*: Yes, when we are balanced our become hearts become aligned with Divine Will and the Love Energy to create flows naturally, the power of force is fast fading.

Bruce: There is a kind of subtle tension in the issue -- maybe a little bit like the question "Are we saved by grace or works?"

Starr*: Grace and Works go hand in hand in that the Flowering of Humanity must incorporate both by actively taking responsibility for the Flowering which means surrendering our will to the Will of the Supreme Source where the infinite Grace flows.

Bruce: Do we have to act proactively, or "let" the next step come?

Starr*: We need to be proactive in releasing negative energy, false belief systems, bringing our awareness into Oneness, bringing our Divine Presence to the Living Moment, and being in Balance so that the Breathes of the Most Great Spirit inspires and informs us with the Knowledge for creating the Divine Systems on our Planet.

Bruce: Men and women might see this issue differently -- I think it's a fine balance, somehow.

Starr*: The more Whole-brain thinking Humanity becomes the more the interactive Female and Male Principles of Creation will flow through all individuals, which in the long run will reduce separation and our Oneness will be more fully realized and actuated, thus Harmony will be at hand. Thus the Divine Female and the Divine Male are one interactive Singularity. No longer is there fragmentation ( of which Vimala Thakar speaks) and Separation and these Divine Properties of Source can be known to be within all the people that comprise Humanity. In John 14: 12 we read - “You will do Greater things than I” Jesus. And, in John 10:34 we find “Is it not written in your Law, I said “You are Gods”

Now that people are coming to know the Source within, which is mighty powerful and self-subsisting, we might be able to reword the Hail Mary prayer:

Holy Birther, Progenitor Source of All That Is

Blessed art Thou throughout the Universe

And Blessed is the fruit of Thy womb

The Divine Stars of Kosmic Understanding

I’ll end this with a quote from Kurt Johnson, believing that our seeing the Supreme Creating Source in Everyone Equally will lend towards manifesting his lofty vision in splendor and glory.

"The veil of the illusion of separation is torn and we become acutely aware of our oneness. We come to know that love is the common element of our humanity, not the divisiveness that tears us apart. Deeper than all divisions, love binds us as one. This is the unseen yet indisputably experienced ?God Particle in us. We are entering the Interspiritual Age, the next great evolutionary leap for humankind. a leap from separation consciousness to unity consciousness."

*References: “Thealogy and Embodiment, The Post-Patriarchal Reconstruction of Female Sacrality”, by Melissa Raphael”; Tahirih Thealogy: Female Christ Spirit of the Age Concealed No Longer, by Starr* Saffa (this Thealogy encompasses the male and female lens).

 God is One S/he, It. Monday, Oct 21
Guess what Bruce!

You will be happy to know I ordered "The Coming InterSpirit Age by Kurt Johnson and David Robert Ord, and in the reviewing comments section there is this statement about God (Source) being The Whole Parent in Oneness, encompassing the Divine Principles of the S/he, It.

This one awareness put forward in Kurt and David's book helps me feel more confident that Religions 'may not' be the hindrance to Oneness that they have been during the Patriarchal Cycle where division between gender status was blocking the Spirit and concepts of Wholeness through Religious teachings.

"If some scholars insist that “God is Not One,” Johnson and Ord respond “Oh yes He/ She/ It is!” Religious differences are real, but they do not obstruct, indeed they nurture, religious dialogue. Drawing on contemporary science (biology, physics, and brain studies), philosophy, the teachings of mystics and of religious activists, this book makes a strong case that an “interspiritual age” is both coming and needs to come soon. For both seekers and academics, this is a rewarding, challenging, and inspiring read. — Paul F. Knitter, Paul Tillich Professor of Theology, World Religions, and Culture, Union Theological Seminary The Coming Interspiritual Age (Kindle Locations 191-196). Namaste Publishing.

I look forward to finding and reading the passage mentioned above,

Living Love Light, Starr*

 Religion Beyond Religion Inter-Intra-Spirit Monday, Oct 21
Apparently some here don't understand what I am trying to say.

It is NOT about gender issues.

It is about Religions blocking the SPIRIT immanent in the Female Being, that important Essence, by teaching God is Male only, the Father.

Religions that put men above women creates division and *separation from full realization of the Spirit within*.

This is what injures men and women's relationships.

The Beings are One in the Soul and this truth needs to come forward into Humanity's awareness.

Religion has blocked true InterSpirit realization through male dominant teachings.

Capping the Female Spirit is death for Humanity, as you are witnessing so much in the world today. The world is suffering like a broken winged bird from denying the Goddess component.

Male domination over the Female makes society without the full flow of Spirit.

As long as Humanity adheres to these Religious teachings the progress is hindered.

Change will not happen as long as the people are hanging onto old 'Male Dominated Religious Teachings - where he is God'. Reform and reconstruction will not make any significant transformation because the Spirit is no longer in them.

These old religions have all the baggage in their memory structure.

Male dominated Religions are not needed to develop InterSpirit Relationships.

Fortunately many people are realizing the freedom from dogmatic religious imprinting, finding the I AM Source within, and having true Gnostic experience.

I am saying InterSpirit does not have to mean InterFaith where old religious belief systems box the flow of Spirit through domination and today, sophism. Sophism that provides some basic renewed truths to attract, but only delivers more control in the long run.

Free the Souls to experience and then Inter-Intra-Spirit can be more fully realized.

My understanding here is built on a view towards recognizing natural Oneness, by having both the Male and Female components of Source operating in perfect parity as one Singularity. Drop the fragmentation entirely and create an entirely new Religion of Oneness.

Humanity has moved through to the end of a Cycle (9 - which means completion)

Now Humanity is living in a new Cycle which begins after 9, in an New Beginning of number ONE to a higher frequency, which is 10

Perhaps that is why the Tahirih Path number 10 Point is named "Religion Beyond Religion" - going beyond past Religion brings an experiential experience of Oneness individually, and collectively to boost the Unfolding of the new paradigm of Balance. The Wisdom of going beyond is that opens up the I Am Source within - the Divine Presence Living.

10. Religion beyond religion and politics beyond politics

Individual Outcomes: First of all when we use the phrase ‘religion beyond religion’ we must ask, ‘just what does that mean?’. It means that the individual becomes free to connect to the natural laws of the Universe without being subject to the man-made laws and dogmas which do not lend towards individual progress in reconnecting to ones own divine higher Self. Likewise, when we are practicing divine politics, which is politics beyond politics, the intent become purified and brings integrity, honesty, and trust back into the dynamics of life, therefore, the individual experiences those virtues in themselves as well as others.

Collective Outcomes: A society which is composed of individuals who are free to practice true divine religion and true politics is a society which is advancing and ascending towards Wholeness.

Think of this folks - when plugged into the Religion of Oneness our Sacred Minds receive harmonious frequencies.

Joy and Bliss on the Journey of Oneness and Love

With Living Love, the bonding Source of the Universe. Starr*

 Lovingly Supporting Interspirit from my Blog Sunday, Oct 27
Although I may not be active in groups my Sacred Activism will be making Invocations here on my blog in support of the Unfolding:

Thank you Bruce and Ram for your insights and caring posts Opening to our Oneness with Love ~

When I came to Interspirit Alliance my two main Awarenesses were and are: Align with the Will of The Primal Will of Source ; Recognize that we are Living Source

What do you think about this article that showed up on facebook two days ago. It might give us some more perspective regarding the transition we are now experiencing throughout the Cosmos, even if it does identify holograms operating within "The Most Great Hologram"

This article also targets New Age Lightworkers as being of the half-light although they may not realize it. Personally I credit the New Age Movement with helping people to start looking for the Spirit of Truth within and without, which began to awaken many. Even the channeling that went on at the beginning of it let people know that information could come from beyond, and have Society accept the validity of that. So no matter how self-serving the New Age ‘fluff’ has been, as the article mentions, it has served a purpose.

However, the "fluff" must not block or mask the Eternal Truths of Humanity recognizing the Source within. “Look within, and You will see Me standing there Mighty, Powerful, and Self-subsisting.

It seems in light of this discussion it is appropriate to introduce three Points (No.’s 11, 12, 13) of the Tahirih Path at this juncture for peoples consideration:

11. Being beyond Prophet Worship and dogmas of any limiting advice:

Individual Outcome: This is a key teaching for all people living ‘now’ in this transitory time, if people are ever going to grow up and start recognizing their own God within. As long as people worship Prophets they will be subject to obeying any man-made statement or any interpretation of the Prophets sayings. Therefore, they will be cutting off their own inner promptings of Spirit. They will come to believe power is external to their own selves and will loose the knowledge and use of their own divine essence.

Collective Outcomes: Obviously a society which is composed of individuals who are not controlled through Prophet-worship will be able to accomplish any imaginable progress. The test of man-made dogmas is to see if it limits the individual or society. If it does then it is a man-made advice seeking to control. Let us remember that the laws of magnetic attraction are at play here – so there is no need to try and limit the potential of creative living.

12. The power of the people by the people in the establishment of the peace through the magnetic attraction of love:

Individual Outcome: This teaching is of prime importance for the individual because it empowers the person to bring his or her own piece of light and knowledge forward in a way which will affect the whole. In this way the person becomes part of the collective’s guidelines and therefore is supportive of those guidelines with the wish to make them work for the whole society. No longer will the individual be victim to ruthless dictatorships. The people will learn to be powerful through using loving magnetism and will discover force can not win. Therefore, the individual will be in harmony with the law of love and the law of the land.

Collective Outcomes: The society will flourish because the people have a say in the laws that govern them. The say that they have is based on the laws of truth which operate out of loving energy. This is divine law and it brings progress.

13. Connecting with one’s Higher Self through awareness:

Individual Outcomes: Awareness lets us realize that we have a Higher Self, and that that Higher Self resides at the Source level where all that Is connects. Therefore, when the individual raises her or his awareness and has a supernatural experience s/he won’t deny that experience because s/he is aware of her or his own higher states of being. This knowledge allows the individual to reach beyond into various dimensions and bring advanced or new knowledge to her or his own present life.

Collective Outcomes: It is a win win situation when the society is composed of people who can contact their own higher states. This is especially true when the society uses this medium to incorporate the knowledge that comes through the society’s members rather than just dismiss it.

"So as we have Faith in OurSelves as Living Source so shall our Powers be." - We are the Source we have waited for. Flowering of Humanity.

May our exploration into the Mysteries of Life assist to bring about the Oneness of the Most Great Plan of the Infinite Source of All that Is.

Living Love, Starr*

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