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Vision for an Alliance 
Bruce Schuman   

Bruce Schuman

"Little Prayer"

October 18, 2013

Should we wait and move slow, because people are not ready? They haven't heard of these things? The Integral vision is too complex? There are too many moving parts? There is too much simultaneity? They are not comfortable with the internet?

Of course, we must listen. The circle must come together in its own good time. The concession to uncertainty keeps open the door to grace. Let us be cautious and gentle.

But there is a primal push coming from the center of energy -- saying that we can do better, and that we should -- perhaps, indeed, that we must.

And I am doing what I can to hear that call, and respond to it.

If it turns out that it's too difficult to make these connections -- then, we'll just have to see "what God wants to do". But for right now, it looks to me like the next step is simply taking the next step. Let's keep the faith. Let's knock on some doors and see what happens....

This Alliance project is emerging into the world with a life of its own, driven by some elemental primal force that does seem a bit beyond human choice. There seems to be something ontological, primal, evolutionary about this work. It's almost compelled, the ways glaciers tend to move. There are so many forces, so widely distributed, yet so convergent, that seem contingent on what is emerging here. Of course, I want it to make sense in the world, and fit in, and serve anyone interested in these causes. Like any "grand vision", it needs more than mere ideas to become fully viable.

Today, I have been working on "the mere technology" of this place, enabling me to put on the table of our collective thinking a broad array of interconnected ideas and possibilities, that my instincts and vision tell me are essential to life. This notion of an "Interspirit Alliance" has been growing since at least 2002, when this "" domain became active and I started building the Interspirit network system and database.

But it's probably true that any notion of "interspirit" in my life predates 2002. In the mid-1990's, we were building internet projects and exploring the meaning of the prefix "inter".

It has so many relevant meanings, so many implications.

Yes, interfaith.




And of course -- internet.

This is a vast movement, driven from hundreds of angles from millions of locations. No one can control it, or claim it. We've been going to conferences about it for ten years or more, and we've learned so much. It's a huge flood of simultaneous interrelated facets and factors and themes and sectors, all pushing in vast global cocreative tumbler.

What we want to do is

  • Collect the pieces of this vast spiritual/political/scientific jigsaw puzzle

  • Get these pieces spread out in a way that everybody can see them, and everybody can bring new pieces if something has been left out

  • Go over and over and over the connection of these pieces, exploring every possible way they can come together, using every method of good design, good engineering, Occam's razor, and deep spiritual intuition

Engage groups and individuals who are working on some facet of this larger design. Invite their involvement. Thank them for their gift. If possible, help them advance their agenda. Insofar as possible, build connections for them.


As these pieces begin to come together, unfold a "network of circles" framework that takes on every issue of concern to anyone within the fabric of the project, looking to convene balanced solutions to every issues that arises. Follow the best methods of group process and collective intelligence.

Now, two or three months into this project, the force and energy are becoming clearer. We are seeing this "Sacred Tree of Community", and its universal core axis or "trunk" as the spirit force -- the Axis Mundi -- the "Great Chain of Being" -- that connects individual human beings to one another, and all human beings into the Great Central Sun -- the great "non-dual" wholeness and unity of the absolute Godhead.

We are beginning to form an "agreement" about what it means to be connected to one another through this process. We are beginning to see how "every religion" can be connected through this framework. We are beginning to see how "every issue" can be mediated or negotiated through it.

And yes, it's true -- as we well know -- that this work is still very new, still emergent, not yet fully formed, not yet fully "born". But it's coming.

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