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From: Bruce Schuman
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Another Bridge - Conscious Evolution
Date: January 15, 2014

I know we're pushing a lot of information here -- it really is a kind of pent-up tsunami. But that's the character of where this is all going -- an "everything at once -- everywhere at once" kind of energy.

So, here's something from Barbara Marx Hubbard this morning. She's been a great guiding influence on me, and I do want to explore the "bridge building" elements here. Maybe looking into the question of how her "golden axis of evolution" that spirals through the "wheel of co-creation" relates to the Axis Mundi concept and all these visions of circles and sacred trees. We need to do some careful weaving here.

As Barbara says in her below letter

I think this process is a natural step in the way nature forms whole systems, where every part is so deeply connected to all others, as in a living body. It intensifies our love, and our spirituality, causing a quantum jump in consciousness and capacities. It is a systemic shift from Me to We to A New Whole.

That's what we're doing, I think. "A systemic shift from Me to We to A New Whole." That's "the shift" -- and like she says, this is "evolution by choice not chance".

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