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From: Gerald Dillenbeck
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: New Religion - Spirit of the Center
Date: December 12, 2013


I would definitely like to meet you one day. Astounding passion and commitment and vision--and communication skills!!!!!! I love reading you because everything is there, right at the Center, relentlessly, with universal respect for diversity, yet retaining "religious" focus on the core Prime Relationship of Species and Universe.

In my work on PermaCulture PowerValue (0) Core Vector, borrowing from Bucky Fuller and Grigori Perelman, with a lot of formative enculturation from Thomas Merton, Bede Griffith, and friends, I am coming to look at Religion analogically and etymologically as a potential balance of Form and Function. I will list them as Left hemisphere and Right hemisphere because I believe, as Julian Jaynes argues, sort of, that our bicameral minds are energy-frequencied toward each of these polarities: Left Right Rhetoric--Logos Legein--Mythos Yang Yin Deductive Learning Inductive Creation Encultured Power-From-Within Eternal Cooperative Values Memory/Past History Consciousness Eternal Moment Awareness Past Future Speciated-Temporal Information Universal ExFormed Binary Function +, 1, Polynomial Form Structure (-), 0/-1, Nonpolynomial ExFormed Temporal Instruction

Yang/Yin = +1, 0, -1 Information System Design, Trinitarian, where 0=1, and NP=P

Religions are historical-cultural expressions TOWARD harmonious balance between these two polarities.

Meta-Religion is our Species' Narrative String toward Double-Bind Synergy, (0) Core Vector Prime Relationship. Metrically defined as:

Optimized Enculturated (value to humans) Power-From-Within = 100% Universal Value: Permanent Abundance, self-perpetuatingly sustainable = 100%

Fractal, synaptic, global speciation is abundantly predicted by Tao-Trinitarian Harmonious Balance.

--- On Thu, Dec 12, 2013, Bruce Schuman wrote ---

All of this keeps coming into focus -- or so it seems. I've been refining this "center" vision a bit, and bouncing around places that seem to understand something of this vision. One amazing website is the "Energy Enhancement" site -- this guy kinda blows me away -- he just totally gets the energy facets of all of this, in his very raw direct-to-the-point way

And he's got great stuff on "Axis Mundi" -- he just totally has the vision of how energy and planetary civilization and group consciousness are integrated through alignment

And I can feel all of this coming into focus around this one theme -- that a few months ago I was calling "Spirit of the Center" -- which does seem to be a good name.

Are we "inventing a new religion"?

Maybe yes -- with a few asterisks -- if "religion" is the right word.

Maybe what we are doing is collectively discovering something extremely simple -- that we could never quite see in its full wholeness -- something no guru or teacher could ever quite explain to us, not fully -- but which seems to be coming into focus through co-creative conversation -- maybe in the manner envisioned by Nirmalan Dhas in his "vision of the planetary network as guidance system".


More or less, the evolutionary progression seems to look something like this:

  • There are a vast number of semi-independent religions in the world (see the amazing "tree of religions" at - it's awesome).

  • Though they have developed independently, in a global context, the religions of the world begin to interact and overlap. People begin to explore the conjunction and overlap. Can one be right and the others wrong? Maybe they are both right -- alternative facets of something? The process of interfaith dialogue and discovery emerges....

  • As interfaith matures, people become dissatisfied with "mere political correctness and tolerance". They want to live and experience the core power. We have heard it so many times -- "Paths are Many, Truth is One". Let's get to the One. The new age leads and interfaith follows. Out of interfaith emerges Interspirituality.

  • The conjunction begins to emerge as an empowered force. Sufi dancing, universal prayer, the words "OM" and "Namaste" become part of the western vocabulary, meditation becomes part of western practice (see Christian Yoga Magazine

  • Along the way -- all kinds of studies in comparative religion become relevant. Jungian psychology, Joseph Campbell, comprehensive encyclopedias of mystical symbolism -- all begin to points towards common denominators. Books are published ("Future of the Body", by Essalen founder Michael Murphy), new age religious and spiritual groups appear ("Teachings of the Ascended Masters"). The core mysteries begin to be "revealed".

  • Wayne Teasdale -- and others in the spirit of the late 1990's -- conceive of "interspirituality" -- and proclaim the idea that "there is a universal spirituality in the world's religions". As our perspective improves, we begin to see this universal spirituality with greater clarity. This is the core truth that all religions are proclaiming, each in their own way.

  • What are its core principles? What emerges as common ground? We are just beginning to see this: myriad facets of a simple underlying inherent convergence, something stunningly simple and transformative, at the core of all this, always present, never quite fully visible -- yet seeming to come into focus around us now.

  • How does "truth" fit into all of this? How do these energies and insights affect critical issues in democracy -- in informed/enlightened collective self-governance? Are we talking about the emergence of an "enlightened civilization?" A lot of people would like to think so....

  • Is all of this tending towards -- "the creation of a new religion"? Is all of this about a religion -- or simply some fundamental basic principles of energy -- and an inherent ethic implicit within it?


For me, it seems that where all of this is going -- is towards this "Spirit of the Center" concept/energy.

The center IS "guidance". The center is "the way". The center itself IS "leadership" -- maybe even "the leader", if we need to put it that way. The center is "the decider". The center draws the line when a line must be drawn. The center maintains and guards the authenticity of truth, and confirms its balance and wholeness.

In this image on the left is Father Thomas Keating, creator of the Snowmass Dialogues and Agreement -- which you can check into and respond to here: -- and the inventor/founder of "centering prayer". Can we absolutely align the "Spirit of the Circle"? Does this alignment not only point to or facilitate group resonance and collaboration -- but reinforce the spirit of truth in all collective thinking -- making what we do together truly wise and truly accurate? Maybe the answer is yes.


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