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From: Bruce Schuman
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Alignment / Axial Age
Date: December 8, 2013

I want to gather up all these thoughts on "alignment" and bring them into focus in one place. I like this approach because it is simple and essential -- and seems to involve the fewest possible words....

But there is a lot to say on this subject. This project -- this "alliance" -- is about alignment, and the purpose of the project is defined in terms of alignment.

It seems we are into

  • Aligning ourselves as individuals
  • Aligning ourselves with others to form alliances
  • Aligning the world

All these types of alignment take the same form, and all involve consecrated centering through a repetitive/iterative incremental process that builds resonance and oneness around the one universal common denominator of reality....

  • From my point of view, the "Ascension Current" is the same thing as the "Crystal Cord" or the "Silver Cord" -- the energy connection or channel or "vine" that links the individual to the divine source, the Great Central Sun

  • Alignment is the process of spiritual work or adjustment that "corrects the alignment of the energy of the individual" to line up and maximize/optimize the energy flow through the crystal cord. This same process of alignment also aligns "the chakras" -- which are the energy centers of the body. Get those energy centers "in alignment" to maximize the energy flow through your body

  • Alignment has to do with getting things in a straight line

  • Alignment (wheel alignment) for a motor vehicle has to do with "steering" and helping make sure the car drives in a straight line

  • I personally identify the work of "karma yoga" as an incremental process of "karma balancing" that adjusts (aligns) the human energy field through consecrated effort, that exerts transformative force on the human energy field -- the "tension field" -- in ways that maximize energy flow through the body. I would also say that the act of "offering grace" when eating food becomes critically important (Paramahansa Yogananda insists on it) because this action consecrates and dedicates the spiritual energy assimilated through the food, and aligns the energy with the central devotional motivation.

  • Alignment is also a central idea in the development of alliances.

  • There is no tension or difference between this idea and the concepts of "oneness" that we have discussed here previously. Correcting alignment is the path to Oneness.

  • We steer our lives by aligning our spirits. The universal target or goal -- is "the center". The great vision of absolute/non-relative wholeness -- is that there is one center -- one universal center to reality -- towards which everything converges -- perhaps as per that old metaphysical idea of a circle, "center everywhere, circumference nowhere".

  • Everybody aligns towards the center, and increments a tiny step. Take a breath, take another step, move one tiny step closer. This is "the will of God". This is the general form of the spiritual law. This is the path to universal oneness. This is the way to universal wholeness, to perfect harmony. And the great thing about it is -- it's simple. Really simple.

Ok, just a few thoughts, on the way towards greater clarity and a simpler framework. Thanks Starr* and Ram and all. This is and has been a very substantial conversation.

We can get into the concept of "axial age" one of these days.

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