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From: Gerald Dillenbeck
Type: Forum
Group: Alliance Plenary
Subject: Ascension Current
Date: December 8, 2013

In that Islamic analogy, "Source" = the RNA Codex-Information-String within the vein, within the blood within the vein, within the plasma within the blood within the vein, and so it goes.Gerald Dillenbeck

--- On Sun, Dec 8, 2013, Starr* Saffa wrote ---

Hi Bruce, Ram, and All

I like the the words 'alignment' and 'wholeness' in relation to the new Solar Age Awareness. Plan to write more on those themes.

Meanwhile, I'm feeling that more Truth is unfolding in our models. Right now I am contemplating the verses re the Godhead Source being "closer than our life vein", and what that means to us in the now. I'll post a blog I found that talks about it and then in another post later discuss it a bit more.

Source is "closer to him (the human) than [his] jugular vein."(Quran 50.16)

Aug 29, 2007 Namaste - i bow to the Self that resides in you!

So what can we make out of Jesus' claim that "Ye are gods"? What has it got to do with second birth (Kundalini awakening)? What is their relationship with Shri Mataji's Self-realization? What is the Self actually, and how is it realized? To answer these questions i have quoted Brian Hodgkinson:

The Self as Spirit

Vedanta accepts this logical introduction to the enquiry into the self. Self as subject should never be confused with any object. Anything that the self observes cannot be self. Can anything positive then be said of it? The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad has a great deal to say about the self. For example: `This Self is nearer than all else, dearer than son, dearer than wealth, dearer than anything. If a man call anything dearer than Self, say that he will lose what is dear, of certainty he will lose it; for Self is God. Therefore one should worship Self as Love. Who worships Self his love shall never perish … This Self is the Lord of all beings; as spokes are knit together in the hub, all things, all gods, all men, all lives, are bodies, are knit together in that Self." (pp. 121, 135)

`He wanted every form, for He wanted to show Himself; as a magician He appears in many forms, He masters hundreds of thousands of powers. He is those powers; those millions of powers.

He is Spirit; without antecedent, without precedent, without inside, without outside; omnipresent, omniscient. Self is Spirit. That is revelation.' (p. 136)

The connection between these two passages lies in the assertion that self is spirit. Self is dear, self is to be worshipped, self is love, because it is spirit. What can be observed is material.

Things in space, including human bodies, are material, made of gross elements; things in the mind are subtle, made of finer material and observable as imagined objects or thoughts, feelings and emotions; but the witness of them all, of all materiality, is of a different order. It is spirit. To know that spirit is revelation. To know that spirit is not to know an object; it is to realize that one is spirit. Brian Hodgkinson, The Essence of Vedanta, Arcturus Publishing Ltd., Canada, pg. 42-3

All the Holy Scriptures - Torah, Bible, Qur'an, Upanishads, Vedas, Puranas, Granth Sahib - uphold the Self as Spirit, the essence and presence of the Divine in humans. That is why Jesus answered them in the temple, "Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?".

Self-realization is a slow process of confirming the same divinity i.e., realizing the Divine within humans. No external images, rituals or human contacts whatsoever are needed for this inner journey to realize and meditate in the Kingdom of God within. The Self also overcomes the deep divisions and sheer ignorance that ail all religious and spiritual organizations, including Sahaja Yoga, for Self is God. And when you maintain Silence on your Self you are always in meditation, prayer and contact with God Almighty! regards to all, jagbir

Believing it to be an error i double-checked "nearer than all else": `This Self is nearer than all else, dearer than son, dearer than wealth, dearer than anything. If a man call anything dearer than Self, say that he will lose what is dear, of certainty he will lose it; for Self is God. Checked because it could also have meant "dearer than all else, dearer than son, dearer than wealth, dearer than anything". But it is indeed "nearer than all else".

In the Quran it is said that Allâh is "closer to him (the human) than [his] jugular vein."(Qur'ân 50:16). That is only possible if Source is within them i.e., as their very Self.

Ayn Ayn Ayn OOOO Ayn Ayn Ayn


--- On Sat, Dec 7, 2013, Bruce Schuman wrote ---

Just a quick check-in, on some rather sensitive and mysterious energies that do feel quite interesting...

For me, what seems to be emerging is the sense that all spirituality and realization and "direct connection" seem to involve this essential process of "alignment". Whether this includes "all the chakras" or not isn't fully clear to me exactly. But what I do sense in a compelling way -- is that I am being pulled very strongly into something I would describe as "vertical alignment" -- and this alignment process is essentially about "centering". Aligning is a process of adjustment -- of "correction" -- like steering something towards its goal -- where the goal is the center.

So, for me -- something like the "vertical axis" of the Christian cross -- seems to represent this vertical alignment process. Maybe the horizontal arm of the cross connects me around the circle to the people in the group or family -- or somehow creates or aligns a gathering. My individual alignment goes towards something like the absolute vertical center.

And the energy at that center -- is very brilliant stuff indeed. This, as I experience it -- is the "Ascension Current" -- really, the axis of connection of the individual to source -- the connection of the berry to the vine -- the connection of all individual human beings to the universal current -- and to one another through the universal current.

So where this seems to be going for me right now -- involves a process of gradual and very careful convergence. I have been doing this little practice of so-called "fasting and prayer" -- part of my life for many years -- but at the moment, this is an incremental thing -- a tiny bit at a time, in slight small adjustments that re-center the energy in waves. Eat a little, work a little, attune (re-center, consecrate) a little, rest, re-gather, do it again --

Something like that.

And around me -- there is this sense that my body wants to go into this Ascension Current -- that this experience is the key integration of our moment, of our time, of this "dawning integral (or interspiritual) age".

This is a channel of pure spiritual power -- untouchable except under full authenticity. There's no way to cheat, no way to get in for free, no way to drag bad habits through the door. This is get-real time, pure and simple. No one can claim the energy, no one can own it. All we can do is surrender into it, somewhere up near the top of our personal mountain....

Right now, kind of like knitting -- I am working on a little feature of this web site -- this "comment stream", which I got the idea might be helpful for pulling all these various conversations and groups into one framework. We'll see how that goes.

For now, for me -- the big thing is -- keep incrementing, one little step at a time. Keep it tight, keep it true, stay balanced and understated, take it easy. This energy is around. As I see it -- there's nothing more interesting in the universe....



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